BIGGY SALE is easy to buy any product by contesting a simple skilled contest answering 10 Questionnaire in a very short time…

Every Contest will have fixed number of Contestants and all the contest will have a Timer.

Player with maximum correct answers in a very shorter time will get the product…

Choose your Favorite Product and Play any Contest which starts with Contest Fee varies from Rs.5 to Rs.100.

How Contest works at BIGGY SALE?   

All Contest on BIGGY SALE is very easy! Just follow these simple steps:  

STEP 1: Free Membership Registration

Sign up & Buy membership.

Registration is free, secure and simple. It takes 10 Seconds to Sign Up. Create your Free BIGGY SALE account from homepage, Verify your Email & Mobile number. Login with your BIGGY SALE ID.

STEP 2: Choose your Favorite Product

Now you can view variety of Products such as Electronics, Mobiles, Home & Appliances, Shoes, Laptops, Goggles, Watches, Perfumes, Leather Products, Beauty products, Gadgets and so on …

Click on the product you want to Contest. Each product will have fixed number of contestants and Contest Fee. (ie.If you contest for a Mobile Product – Samsung M40, then total fixed contestants will be displaced as 100 and contest fee will be displayed as Rs.25).

STEP 3: Join the Contest

The Contest Fee will vary from Rs.5 to Rs.100 according to the Product you Contest.

Contest Fee can be paid through multiple payment methods including: PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, VISA, MasterCard, Net Banking, Cash Cards etc.

STEP 4: Win the Contest  

Once you have enough credits in your wallet, you are ready to go…. Each Contest will deduct some Credits from your Wallet. Number of Credits required per Contest is shown on each product page which varies from Rs.5 to Rs.100.

Choose your Favorite products from the amazing deals we have every day at BIGGY SALE. You can choose to participate in all the Contest you wish. Find your favorite product on Live product page and be ready to start the Contest and register the fastest time in Timer with maximum correct answers.

Real Competition starts when fastest timer is registered in the timer and time to the clock will be registered and showed in your Leader Board. Your registered fastest Time is added to clock once you finish your contest.

STEP 5: The Leaderboard

The Leaderboard displays only the Rank Status of all the Contestants.

The Leaderboard doesn’t displays other Contestants Points Scored and Timer Closed for someone else to make the decision to contest again if they are interested.

Once the Contest is closed and declares the Winner, All contestants will be able to view the Rank Status, Points Scored and Timer Closed.

STEP 6: Product Winner

 Finally the Leader Board declares the Winner who tops the total list of Contestants. If you are the fastest record time holder with highest points (Maximum correct answers), YOU WIN! After you win, you can Claim that product by send option to the delivery address (Shipping Charges will apply)

In a Contest, the Final Result will be displayed only if the Total contestants are filled. If in case the total fixed Contestant are not filled…the Contest Fee will be re-credited to your wallet.

Timer Format:

Each Contest displays the Timer Format as mentioned below.

HrMinSec     Ms
       00        :         00     :         00      .        00

Practise Contest:-

Practise Contest is available to know more about the contest and also hone your skills and improve your contest.

***On Non availability of stocks.. Winner will be given option to choose the product of same Company/Manufacturer in same price value.****